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 regles a connaitre pour bien jouer NINJA

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MessageSujet: regles a connaitre pour bien jouer NINJA   31/3/2006, 15:42


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MessageSujet: Re: regles a connaitre pour bien jouer NINJA   9/4/2006, 23:41

Je ne sais pas si le lien ci-dessus a été mis à jour mais je signale dans ce post qu'il est désormais possible de discarder les ninja face down des provinces. Le ruling est tombé vendredi. J'étais au courant pour le Kotei et apparemment j'étais un des seuls ! J'aurais peut être dû prévenir les orgas et joueurs scorpions...
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Nombre de messages : 539
Localisation : jamais trés loin ...
Date d'inscription : 23/11/2004

MessageSujet: Re: regles a connaitre pour bien jouer NINJA   30/4/2006, 13:47

vu letat de kuroiban

je copie l ensemble ici
ça serait dommage de perdre tout ça

Let's make things easier for us (and harder for our enemies) by compiling in this thread every answered question about Ninjutsu in the AEG rules forum!

Remember, always link to the Ruling.

I. General Rules – the really important ones. Read all of them first, they apply to all, even to those not running Shiro no Soshi.

1. Any token card’s trait that has no value specified upon creation is zero. Because of this Shosuro Hisashi's sisters have 0PH.

2. Actions played cannot be added to focus pools for duels that were started by reactions to the Action.

3. An opponent cannot play an action by bypassing its costs, including the use of cheatery announcement.

4. Facedown Ninja you own that are stolen by other players can be flipped up by the other players using either the Open action or the Reaction. Likewise, you can also flip face-up facedown Ninja that you stole.

5. You can flip face-up bowed face-down Personalities using the Open Ninjutsu Action.

6. This is a mondo question and answer. Any Action card that can no longer be played because, during the targeting for the Action, you prevented the Player from paying any or all of the costs (such as bowing or killing the performing Personality with a Ninja’s reaction, or using Sugimoto’s ability), is negated, but it goes back in the player's hand, regardless of whether your Reacting Personality was face-up or face-down during targeting. Your opponent may play it again, but not immediately.

7. When searching your deck for cards, you are always considered to be viewing the face-up side and therefore cannot bring Ninjutsu Personalities into play face-down via effects like Yogo's or Political Pawn's.

8. An Action card with two separate actions that have different types (i.e., Open and Battle) are affected by effects that affect cards with either Action. So a card with Political and non-Political actions printed on it is still considered a "Political Action Card", so resolving either action triggers Shosuro Mikado's Reaction.

II. Shiro no Soshi Stronghold-specific rulings:

1. You may indicate with markers, turning sideways, or any other means necessary a face-down Ninja card that you've already seen so as to distinguish it from, say, Event re-fills. You may also check the facedown Ninjas as many times as you want during your turn. YEAY!

2. You can now discard Facedown Ninja during the Dynasty phase. Oh yeah! Ninja discrimination is almost over! Ninjas are Personalities too!

3. You can't use Strike at the Head or Midnight Blades to secretly hide cards. Meaning, if a Ninjutsu Personality uses its Reaction during a turn, or loses its +2F SnS bonus, then you can't hide it from your opponent. Your opponent is entitled to ask you if the Ninja's used up his reaction/lost his bonus already.

4. USING THE OPEN NINJITSU ACTION TO FLIP UP NINJAS WON'T MAKE THEM LOSE THE +2F. Because it doesn't target. So, yeah, you can have a 7F Moyotoshi for only 3 gold!

5. If one of your Personalities gets a Force (or Chi, or PH) penalty, then gets flipped face-down, the penalty remains. The example given here is Bayushi Moyotoshi face up, who then gets hit with Black Heart favor. He is 5F, so his penalty is -5F. If he flips face-down, he'll be -3F, which becomes a minimum of 0F. Should he get a force bonus or penalty, it is compared to the -3F.

6. Chuda Mishime can kill facedown Ninja, but the MRP TARGETS.

7. Shosuro Hisashi's sister's don't have the Ninjutsu trait. EDIT: Unless your stronghold is Shiro no Soshi.

8. Being targeted by Yu will cause a facedown Ninja to lose the +2F from SnS, but they can't flip face-up in response. ARGH. My match-ups against Crab became a whole lot harder...

9. If you have definite knowledge by any means (not just Shiro no Soshi's peeking trait) that a face-down Dynasty card in one of your Provinces is a Ninjutsu Personality, you may purchase it as such.

10. Though face-down Ninjutsu Personalities may attach spells, they may never cast them unless they somehow gain the Shugenja trait.

III. Specific Ninja and Their Abilities:

1. The Action that trigger's Bayushi Shumpei's reaction also gives out the first -1C penalty.

* 1.1 Kyuden Toketsu just delays the death by Bayushi Shumpei by 1 action, max.

2. Shosuro Nakaga can bow Hida Kuon XP4. Of course, the hard part is killing all the other crabs so that he'll HAVE to bow Kuon.

3. Bayushi Kaibara can't use her second ability against Shiro Kitsuki-attached Personalities. In other words, yes, she is that useless.

4. Shosuro Tsuyoshi and Shosuro Saemon react to being targeted by another player's actions (even if you, their controller, is doing the targeting). This is different from all the post-WoL Ninja (like Shosuro Kinji or Bayushi Moyotoshi) who all need to be targeted by another player. So Tsuyoshi and Saemon can both react to Heavily Engaged or Overwhelmed, but not to Bayushi's feint.

IV Specific Cards and Specific Ninja:

1. Facedown Ninja can cancel Overwhelmed if you flip them up.

2. Bayushi Baku XP3 (Soul of Bayushi Kamnan XP) can look at facedown Ninja.

* 2.1 Baku XP3 can also look at and discard Shiro Kitsuki Personalities attached to Provinces.

3. Saemon is now affected by Ranged Attacks and Refugees.

4. MRP'd House of the Spring Chrysanthemum will trigger before any Ninja reactions or loss of +2F.

5. Your opponent can't gain Honor via Honor and Glory if you kill their Personality as a Reaction to challenging one of your Ninjas.

6. An Action's cost is only waived during the pay cost step. See Bayushi Shisou's example below on how this works. Really important for canceling nasty Actions!

7. Bayushi Kan can cancel Guerilla Tactics, provided that he is the target of the FIRST ranged attack.

8. Fury of the Dark Lord (Lotus MRP) targets and destroys Human Personalities with a printed gold cost less than their controller's Stronghold Gold Production + 3. These means all your Ninja will die UNLESS you pay their Ninjutsu cost and flip them over to reveal a gold cost bigger than 6 for SnS. Even so, you can't cancel the whole Fury Action using Ninjutsu, since Ninjutsu explicitly states that it cancels effects on individual Ninja and you can't prevent your opponent from paying 15 Gold.

9. Because Misdirection, the Ninjutsu rulebook reaction, and all ninjas' face-up reactions have the same timing, after a ninja is targeted by an action and reacts to it, you may then Misdirect the action to another ninja who may also react to it. Things to keep in mind: Whoever picked the original target is still considered to be "targeting" even though you're changing his selection, Misdirection can only redirect another player's action, you cannot change the number of targets selected, and you must still obey all other rules of Redirection (page 44 of the Lotus Rulebook).

10. If you focus the same Weigh the Cost twice in one turn using Tsuma Dojo, its bonuses stack. So effectively it's a 5 Focus card on the second duel.

EDIT1: Corrected all instances of "ninjitsu". I have been shamed, my position at the grammar nazis has been revoked, and my seppuku with a wooden apostrophe will be at sunset.

Edit2: Added Macbeth's correction to #11.

Edit 3: Added #15, aka Ninjas have no Honor or Glory rule, thanks to Macbeth, Scorpion Rules Lawyer.

Edit 4: Added #16-18, because I'm feeling generous.

Edit 5: Added #19, thanks to Bayushi Shisou!

Edit 6: Added # 20 and 21. Thanks to Shosuro Kaze!

Edit 7: Added a special clause to Baku. Thanks to Rengaulmir!

Edit 8: Woohoo! We got the Floor Rules Changed! We can now look at Ninjas in the Provinces as often as we want to, and we can even shuffle them around to distract our opponent! Also added an explanation of what happens when we get hit by Fury of the Dark Lord.

Edit 9: They got rid of the shuffling clause, but they managed to finalize the language for SnS.

Edit 10: Replaced the Saemon link with a more coherent link.

Edit 11: Replaced the SnS Province link with a simpler link. Added 24-25, all thanks to Macbeth-sama.

Edit 12: Added the Bayushi Kaibara link. Thanks Macbeth!

Edit 13: Changed #21, thanks to Bayushi Noah. Added #27, if you can guess who came up with this then you get nothing.

Edit 14: New format. Hope it’s easier to understand.

Edit 15. Finally summarized the Misdirection thread, thanks to Macbeth-sama, in the form of IV.10.

Edit 16: Macbeth-sama provides us with 4 new ruling links, as well as summaries-at-a-glance! Yeay!

Edit 17: Eliminated some redundancy.


"Eternal dishonorseeker"
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MessageSujet: Re: regles a connaitre pour bien jouer NINJA   

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regles a connaitre pour bien jouer NINJA
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