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 Wish THW / Have

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Nombre de messages : 4077
Age : 57
Localisation : Bruxelles
Date d'inscription : 23/11/2004

Wish THW / Have Empty
MessageSujet: Wish THW / Have   Wish THW / Have Empty20/10/2008, 23:47


1x The Khan

1x Isawa Ochiai - exp 2

1x Beloved of the Clan
1x Dissension

1x Guardian's Blade


5x A New Wall (5 DE)
3x Arrival of the Phoenix
1x Call of Thunder
1x Claimants to the Throne
5x Commanding Favor (3 LE, 2 WoC)
2x Favor of the Emerald Champion
1x Glory of the Shogun (French foil)
6x I Am Ready (1 SE, 1 WoL, 1 WoL foil, 3 promo)
2x Lion and Unicorn
2x Naseru's Funeral (1 foil)
1x Offered Gift
1x Redrawing the Maps
1x Return to the Heavens
3x The Race Begins
2x The Spider's Shadow (1 foil)
1x The Third Yasuki War
4x Winter Storm (1 french, 1 SE, 2 promo)
1x Winter Warfare
3x Wrath of the People

1x Anvil of Despair - exp
2x Emerald Competitor
1x Governor's Court
2x House of the Fallen Blossom (1 pomo, 1 TG)
3x Imperial Handmaidens (3 french)
2x Kitsune Den
5x Lion Advisor (1 foil)
3x Seiden Sanzo (3 KD)
6x Shrine to Bishamon (6 H&E)
7x Shrine to Fukurokujin (2 TG, 4 H&E, 1 LE foil)
7x Shrine to Osano-Wo (1 french)
6x Sushi Stand (3 french)
6x Venerable Master (6 promo)
5x Yobanjin Fortress (5 DotE)

Personality Crab:
1x Hida Fumetsu
1x Hida Kaoru - exp
3x Hida Motaro
2x Hida Nichie - exp
4x Hida Otoya
1x Hida Takuji (CoB)
5x Hiruma Aya
1x Kaiu Seison
1x Kaiu Shoichi

Personality Crane:
1x Daidoji Barashi
3x Daidoji Gempachi
1x Daidoji Kikaze - exp
1x Doji Ayano - exp
3x Doji Jun'ai – exp (1 SE foil, 2 PoH)
1x Kakita Hideo - exp
1x Kakita Tsukao
6x Naoharu (1 foil)

Personality Dragon:
3x Fusami
1x Kitsuki Ryushi (PoH)
1x Kitsuki Taiko - exp
2x Mirumoto Rosanjin - exp 2
1x Mirumoto Ryosaki - exp
1x Mirumoto Satobe
1x Togashi Hogai - exp
1x Togashi Ieshige – exp (EoME)

Personality Lion:
1x Akodo Bakin - exp 2
1x Akodo Hijikata
1x Akodo Sadahige - exp
2x Akodo Shigetoshi - exp
2x Akodo Terumoto (PoH)
1x Ikoma Tatsunori
1x Ikoma Uchito
3x Ikoma Yasuko – exp (EoME)
2x Matsu Aoiko – exp (EoME)
2x Matsu Benika - exp
2x Matsu Fumiyo

Personality Mantis:
6x Ayamari
1x Tsuruchi Amaya
1x Tsuruchi Etsui - exp
3x Tsuruchi Nobumoto – exp (2 HC, 1 LE)
2x Yoritomo Eriko - exp
1x Yoritomo Fushou
2x Yoritomo Kurei
2x Yoritomo Saburo - exp
1x Yoritomo Sachina
2x Yoritomo Tadame (2 RotS)
1x Yoritomo Yoyonagi – exp

Personality Phoenix:
3x Asako Bairei - exp3
1x Asako Juro - exp
1x Isawa Kyoko - exp
2x Isawa Sawao - exp 2
3x Masakazu (1 foil)
2x Shiba Aikune - exp 3
1x Shiba Erena
1x Shiba Fugimori (PoH)
3x Shiba Ningen - exp 2 (2 CoB)
1x Shiba Sakishi
1x Shiba Tsukimi - exp 2
1x Tamori Nakamuro - exp 2

Personality Scorpion:
1x Bayushi Eisaku - exp
1x Bayushi Hisoka
1x Bayushi Kaukatsu - exp 2
3x Bayushi Ryouya
1x Bayushi Tenbin
3x Bayushi Tsimaru – exp (EoME, 2 foil)
2x Shosuro Aroru - exp
2x Shosuro Jimen (1 foil)
4x Shosuro Maru - exp 2
2x Soshi Tishi - exp
1x Sun Doru
2x Yogo Honami
3x Yogo Rieko (3 WoL)

Personality Spider:
4x Chuda Kyuwa (CoB, 1 foil)
2x Daigotsu Gyoken - exp
1x Daigotsu Meguro – exp (foil)
1x Daigotsu Rekai - exp 4
2x Daigotsu Sahara
1x Fatina
2x Hiromasa
5x The Quelsaurth

Personality Unicorn:
5x Horiuchi Rikako
1x Moto Chagatai - exp 4
1x Moto Chai
1x Moto Chen - exp 2
2x Moto Choon-yei (1 foil)
1x Moto Soonshin
2x Moto Yong-tai - exp
1x Shinjo Turong - exp
1x Utaku Etsuko
1x Utaku Keiko
4x Utaku Yu-Pan – exp (RotS)

Personality Shadowland:
5x Akuma no Oni - exp 2 (RotS, 1 foil)
1x Kyoso no Oni - exp 3 (ToE)
1x Nairu no Oni - exp
2x Omoni - exp 2 (1 DoW)
2x Shikage no Oni (1 foil)
2x Tadaka no Oni - exp
3x Wareta no Oni (PoH)

Personality Unaligned:
3x Etsushi
2x Kazumasa
4x Obsidian Dragon (RotS)

Personality Nezumi:
1x K'mee - exp 2
3x Kan'ok'tichek - exp 3
2x Shinbone Warpack - exp

3x City of the Rich Frog (2 SE, 1 DoW)
4x Hashi no Oni
1x Kyuden Miya
5x Link to the Heavens
2x Private Shrine
2x Reihado Shinsei
4x Ruins of Otosan Uchi (3 KYD, 1 LE)
1x Togashi's Shrine (FOU)
1x Toshi Ranbo
2x Valley of Heroes

1x A Generous Offer
1x A Matter of Honor
2x A Soldier's Fate
12x Ambush (1 GE French, 3 GE, 1 GE foil, 3 DE, 1 DE foil, 3 LE)
2x An Act of Disdain
1x Assigning Blame
1x Arrival of the Emerald Champion
6x Arrival of the Obsidian Champion (PoH)
2x Astonishing Resilience
3x Banish All Shadows (LE, 1 foil)
2x Blanketed Forest
1x Brink of Exhaustion
3x Brisk Economy
1x Brute Force
1x Coordinated Movement
1x Countermove (french)
1x Courage in Death
1x Coward!
1x Crosswinds Cut Style
3x Death after Life
2x Death of Virtue Style
5x Desperate Wager (2 LE, 3 DE)
1x Determination (RotS)
1x Devastating Blow
1x Dirty Politics
1x Duel of Champions
2x Duel to the Death
5x Eager to Fight (DoW)
4x Echoes of Disgrace
3x Exchange of Hostages
3x Failure of Duty (HC)
2x False Trail (1 french)
5x Few Against Many (1 WoL french, 1 WoL foil, 3 WoL)
1x Flanking Action
3x Fight Another Day
4x For the Fallen
3x Forest Cleansing (PoH)
3x Fury of the Dark Lord (1 LE, 2 WoE)
6x Glory in Death (1 foil)
1x Hamstrung
1x Hateful Curse
1x Hazardous Ford
1x Hojatsu's Legacy Style
2x Honor in Death
3x Hope from Death (1 french)
1x Immobile Stance (DoW)
3x Impressive Resilience
1x Insight
1x Kharma in Death
3x Let Them Fight Their Dead
6x Loyalty, Unto Death (1 foil)
2x Masters of Steel
3x Merciless Death
1x Misdirection (french)
5x Palm Strike (5 BB, 1 TG2)
6x Polite Deference
2x Private Whispers
1x Profit from Death
3x Purifying Rite (French)
1x Only the Well-Trained Listen
3x Seized Territory
3x Shinjo's Courage (DotE)
1x Silent Rot
3x Single Strike Style
1x Skilled Quartermaster
14x Sneak Attack (3 jade, 3 GE, 2 GE foil, 3 TG, 1 TG2, 2 LE)
2x Solid Defense
5x Soul of Bushido
3x Splendid Phoenix Style
1x Standing Fast
1x Strength
1x Strength in Shadow Style
6x Strict Training (3 french)
1x Strike the Base
9x Superior Strategist (6 GE, 3 TG)
1x Tactical Maneuvers
4x Take the Charge
5x Tales of Battle
1x The Arrow Knows the Way
4x The Bitter Shadow of Shame (PoH, 1 foil)
3x The Fortunes Smile (WoL)
1x The Last One
1x Toshi no Ichi
6x Turn of Fortune (1 HC French, 4 HC, 1 LE)
3x Turn the Tide (DoW, 1 foil)
1x Unbroken Blade Style
2x Unexpected Betrayal
1x Unexpected Intimidation
1x Unexpected News
3x Ungrateful Host
1x Usurbation
1x We Join the Ancestors
7x Wedge (5 DE, 1 DE French, 1 DE promo French)
3x Well Prepared
2x Will (RotS)

2x Brothers in Arms - exp
1x Dojo Applicants
2x Gunso Atshushi
1x Gunso Hiroshi
2x Gunso Kirita
2x Gunso Kisho
1x Gunso Tabarou (foil)
2x Hired Legion
1x Ogre Warriors (promo)
1x Seppun Miharu
1x Spider Abbot
6x The Unclean (3 french)
2x Traveling Ronin (1 french promo)
2x Tsukai-sagasu
1x Veteran Advisor
3x Wandering Budoka (3 EoME)

1x Ancestral Sword of the Ki-Rin
2x Blade of Hubris (2 DoW)
1x Blade of the Pure Soul
5x Chuda Hankyu (5 PoH)
1x Clan Standard
1x Customized Armor
1x Daimyo's Blade
2x Doji Armor
1x Footman's Pike
1x Gift Armor
1x Ide Jiao’s Hat (french)
5x Lion Mempo (1 foil)
1x Naseru's Private Journal (foil)
2x Oni-Daikyu (2 EoME)
2x Soul Jar
3x The Emerald Armor – exp

1x A Terrible Oath
2x Companion Spirit (2 WoE)
1x Consecrating the Temple
4x Essence of Gaki-do (4 RoB)
1x Puppet Master
2x Sharpen the Gaze
4x Summon Maseru no Oni
2x The End is Near
2x Touch of the Infinite

Mad Admin
"S'habiller de noir pour faire pleurer le soleil"
"Si tu vois un canard blanc sur un lac, c' est un signe..."

"If you can find a path with no obstacles it probably doesn't lead anywhere"

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Nombre de messages : 4077
Age : 57
Localisation : Bruxelles
Date d'inscription : 23/11/2004

Wish THW / Have Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Wish THW / Have   Wish THW / Have Empty4/11/2008, 13:52

Ajout de plusieurs cartes THW dans la "havelist"

Mad Admin
"S'habiller de noir pour faire pleurer le soleil"
"Si tu vois un canard blanc sur un lac, c' est un signe..."

"If you can find a path with no obstacles it probably doesn't lead anywhere"
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Wish THW / Have
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