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 Titanium Highlander

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MessageSujet: Titanium Highlander   21/1/2007, 16:57

Lors du kotei benelux en Hollande il y aura deux side events dans le format Titanium Highlander.

Ci-après un extrait des règles disponibles sur le site:
Saturday Evening and Sunday Afternoon: Titanium Highlander
- Titanium means: All cards with the ‘new’ card back are legal to play. This means all cards released from the Spirit Wars expansion until now. This includes Sensei, Strongholds, Promos, etc. - Highlander means: During deck construction, you may include each and every card only one time (1x) just as you would an Event/Region/Unique. This rule ONLY affects deck construction, never play situations (your cards do not count as unique during games). The term Highlander comes from the cult movie, with its quote of: ‘There can be only one!’
- 40/40 means: Your deck has a minimum size of 40 fate and 40 dynasty cards. You may include more cards, but not less. Yes, that means you need to find 80 different cards to build a deck! Enjoy!

Additional points of interest for Titanium Highlander:
- MRP rule: For all cards goes that the Most Recent Printing is the legal one to play! This is checked by card title (excluding exp. levels) so for example you may only play Lotus Edition Elemental Rings and either Lotus Edition or Gold Edition wind cards (Diamond Edition winds have the same names as LE winds).
- Lotus Edition rules: We play using the Lotus Edition rules. Unlike before, events can resolve for each player, among some other changes. This also means that all actions are Once per Turn on default, unless the action clearly states another timing mechanism. Some are clear, such as ‘once per Battle’ but for some other cards the players are required to use some common sense. This is because we are using many old cards that have very different wordings. A good example of this is the personality Radakast exp.2 from KYoD, whose battle action, by the strictest use of LE rules, would only be useable once. However, as this card was made during the times an action could be used any number of times, Radakast’s ability may be used the way it is written: Any number of times per turn, restricted by his Chi.
- Double Chi: To keep the dueling field fairer, considering we are using LE focus pools, all instances of the ‘Double Chi’ trait on cards are magically replaced by ‘Duelist’. For example, Kaneka would read as a 5/6 -/14/2 Phoenix Clan Samurai* Shogun* Duelist* Tactician* Unique.
- Ancestors: The Lotus edition Rules do not mention Ancestors, but as they are legal in Titanium, we are instead using the Diamond Edition rules for them.

If you have questions about Titanium Highlander, you are welcome to ask them by mailing faber@brz.nu and I will get back to you as soon as I can. During this weekend, your scores for Titanium Highlander will be carried across both days. The winner will be the player who totalled the most wins during the entire weekend. Titanium Highlander events will be held on Sauturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

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Titanium Highlander
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